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Monday, May 18, 2009

Blogger to Wordpress

I have moved this Blog to my own domain using Wordpress replacing Blogger.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be a Partner of Hancock

I am proud to be a partner with so many who share the interest of fostering and promoting the economic and social growth of the Greater Hancock, New York area. As an outgrowth of this desire the Hancock Partners Inc. was formed and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Since its formation in 2003, the Hancock Partners has helped as a focal point for its members to share ideas and to carryout community based projects. I invite any and all to be part of the revitalization of Hancock. The only requirement for membership is a desire to help.

The Partners have successfully participated in and completed many projects and have many more either under way or in the wings waiting to be started. In order to accomplish this, we need your support.

The Hancock Partners have currently launched their Spring Appeal asking for donations. In addition, this year they are holding a 50-50 style raffle only 50 tickets being sold. There will be three (3) chances to win. 2nd and 3rd place prizes are $500 each and the first place prize is $1,500. That's $2,500 in total prizes. The cost per ticket is $100 and can be purchased as an individual or join other partners and team up on a ticket! The proceeds from this raffle will be added to the Spring Appeal and put toward the various projects that are designed to promote the economic and social growth of Hancock.

Please be a partner and support the Spring Appeal either by a direct contribution through the Hancock Partners web site or by purchasing a ticket.

If you would like to participate in the raffle, either as an individual or in partnership with others, tickets are available through:

- Jerry DaBrescia - at the office of the Hancock Partners.

- Russell Bass - Hancock House Hotel,

- Chris Gross - Upper Delaware Real Estate,

- Mike Argiros - The Family Foundation School

All contact information is available through the hot links associated with those selling Tickets.

Thank you for your support. --

Mike Argiros
Proud Partner of Hancock

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friends, Family, God & Star Trek - We have it all!

Today, Sunday - Mother's Day - My Family and I were able to connect with friends at Church (Hancock has several offerings in the way of worship). Following the service, we met with many more friends and family at the Boy Scout Sponsored Pancake & Egg Breakfast at the White Birch Air Field just outside of the Village of Hancock. For Lunch my children and I went for a short hike around the mountain (where they will NOT be building the NYRI Power line), and finally we went back into the village of Hancock to see the new release of Star Trek at Capra Cinemas - an absolutely awesome movie with action, humor and fun for all.

All this - Total driving time all trips combined under an hour - and no traffic!

Eagle Scout - a leader for tommorow

“The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations.”
The highest rank of Scouting is the Eagle Scout which requires among many other challenges, the successful completion of the Eagle Leadership Project. As the name suggests, the purpose of the Eagle Project is to demonstrate leadership. A good Eagle project gives the Scout an opportunity to demonstrate the leadership skills that he developed during his career as a Scout. . In this case, John Wenk, a member of Hancock’s Troop 74, is hosting a Pancake & Egg Breakfast fundraiser to fund his project to erect a Flag Pole in a nearby community center. John planned the fundraiser event, solicited contributions, promoted the event, and coordinated the volunteers from not only his troop but also Troop 174, Hancock’s sister troop centered at The Family Foundation School, just South of Hancock. John is pictured here serving coffee and greeting his guests.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scouting - The Big Apple

Hancock NY - Boy Scout Troop 74 and Cub Scout Pack 75 took a joint day trip to see a piece of the "Big Apple" today. We spent this beautiful day as a Troop and a Pack visiting the Bronx Zoo. What a great opportunity to share with friends! I again want to say how lucky I feel to live in this community. The closeness of a country community with easy access to some of the world’s greatest attractions. Stay tuned for some of the upcoming Scouting activities coming over the next few months.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

RE: Organic Farming near US

Below is an article I received about a local Organic farm. I thought I would spread the word.

Mountain Dell Farm – 607-467-4034 (Roods Creek Hancock NY)